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Language Policy

Our students study German and English language in our university. We make sure the students are ready to go and study abroad and have sufficient language skills to study and work abroad.

Before mobility university check’s knowledge of a foreign language of candidates, to make sure that they will have no problems communicating during mobility. The students complete OLS preliminary tests, and use language courses when needed. We also encourage our students to actively use OLS platform and show them how to use OLS language courses provided by Erasmus program to make sure they make progress in learning other languages. The Erasmus Office introduces OLS platform to every student encouraging them to use language course when necessary. After making students familiar with it they find more motivation to use it. .

At our University polish students are learning German, English and Russian language, and in general are well prepared for mobility, both study and practical placement abroad. They may have language barrier, and be shy to speak, but that is the main reason why we would like them to go abroad.

Unfortunately, the school does not offer Polish language courses for foreigners.

Incoming students are always encouraged to continuously learn English classes organized by our institution and are directed to UMCS – our friend University for EILC polish language for foreigners courses in Lublin.


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