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The International Scientific Conference „VARIOUS ASPECTS OF HUMAN SEXUALITY” Lublin, 25th May 2012

The International Scientific Conference „VARIOUS ASPECTS OF HUMAN SEXUALITY” Lublin, 25th May 2012

Plan of conference


Theme of conference

Human sexuality is on one hand the most natural function of the body in terms of biological and physiological and on the other hand is the key motivating factors for establishing interpersonal contacts.

The phenomenon of a man, awareness of own sexuality positioned as the only human-specific value changes over a lifetime, depending on age, personality development, experience, beliefs or personality traits. Sexuality as a value is important in the formation of wider social changes.

Sexuality due to the importance in the functioning of a man deserves broad, multifaceted and interdisciplinary treatment. This conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary approach to human sexuality and therefore this issue does not have very explicit framework.

Sociologists, psychologists, educators, representatives of medical science, artists, health promoters – researchers and students, representatives at various levels, as well as all people and institutions interested in subject matter are welcome to participate in the Conference

Organizational information

In the framework of the Conference we plan:

  • Plenary session of the papers
  • Thematic sessions with research reports
  • Poster session

The conference fee for people taking part in the Conference is:

  • The representatives of scientific centres : 300 PLN
  • Doctoral students and students from outside College of Social Studies: 100 PLN
  • For staff and students of College of Social Studies: 100 PLN.


Please pay the fee by 1st April 2012 into an account of College of Social Studies in Lublin (WSNS): 16 1020 3176 0000 5702 0134 3805, ul. Olchowa 8, 20-355 Lublin. On the Day of the Conference please bring a proof of payment with a note: „ Various aspects of human sexuality”.

The Organizing Committee provides participants taking active part in the conference with: conference proceedings, technical support (overhead projector, poster stand), the publication of the text in the monograph, coffee buffet with snacks and dinner.

Application for participation in the Conference with a summary, key words and information about the Author (s) should be sent by 1st April 2012 to: College of Social Studies (WSNS), ul. Olchowa 8, 20-355 Lublin, with a note on the envelope: „ Various aspects of human sexuality”

It is possible to send an application form DOWNLOAD by e-mail at: Application form is available on the web page of College of Social Studies in tabs: College → Activities→ Conferences and workshops (Uczelnia → Działalność → Konferencje i warsztaty).

Please send the text of the speech ready for publication only in electronic version to: by 21st April 2012.


Scientific Council of the Conference

  • prof. Andrzej Lipczyński – Chairman (Poland)
  • ks. prof. Janusz Mariański (Poland)
  • prof. Anna Tokarova (Slovakia)
  • prof. Maria Machalova (Slovakia)
  • prof. Petro Husak (Ukraine)
  • dr Emilia Żerel (Poland)
  • dr Małgorzata Jedynak (Poland)

Organizing Committee of the Conference

  • dr Maciej Wszędyrówny –Chairman (Poland)
  • dr Anna Skiert (Poland)
  • dr Pavol Sucharek (Slovakia)
  • dr Sylwia Kowalska-Myśliwiecka (Poland)
  • dr Anita Majchrowska (Poland)
  • dr Agata Macionżek (Poland)
  • dr Elżbieta Jędrzejewska (Poland)
  • mgr Ondrej Marchevsky (Slovakia)
  • mgr Justyna Kięczkowska (Poland)
  • mgr Edyta Pawłat (Poland)

Conference Support – information

  • mgr Monika Zub, e-mail: tel.: +48 81 531 85 56, ext. 116, Monday – Friday, 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
  • mgr Sylwia Marczuk, e-mail: tel.: +48 81 531 85 56, ext. 116, Monday – Friday, 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Important dates

1st April 2012:

  • The deadline for applications for participation in the Conference.
  • The deadline for payment of fee for participation in the Conference.

By 21st April 2012

  • Giving the text ready for publication to organizers of the Conference.

A detailed plan of the Conference will be provided for you in a forthcoming communication.

You are welcome to participate in the Conference.

On behalf of the Organizers of the Conference

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

dr n. hum. Maciej Wszędyrówny


Information for Authors - download

Accomodation: - download